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Now I can do my female-hormone monster voice and wear hoodies whilst talking about douches. Did this show change any preconceptions you might have had? I think coming into this, being authentic is something that’s really important to me. This feels like junior high school all over again.” I was wondering if you had a conversation with Karamo after everything that happened with the cop car in episode four? So yeah, there was lots of conversation about that before, during, and after.We can talk about shower douches with almost 60-year-old men in rural Georgia. Coming into a makeover show, I knew that a lot of whoever we’d be working, they wouldn’t be getting into these problems overnight, so how are we really going to fix it? Yeah, we had a conversation before, during, and after that whole day. It’s a really difficult conversation and I have a lot of feelings about it.Like, very much targeted because I was the only gay kid in a rural town.Maybe that is literally fucking white privilege that I was able to go through that experience and then go to a house and run around and play directly afterward. But I do feel, as Karamo’s friend, I was like very sensitive to it, and did hear what he had to say.“Lena Dunham” is Yara Greyjoy.] It would be so unexpected right now because she’s so beat down, and I just really love a survivor story. Do you feel pressure looking a certain way as a gay man? I think one place that I have definitely felt pressure is when I first started doing .And I feel like Christina [Daenerys] might be too obvious for George, you know, because we just love her so much. I definitely have had a therapist that I’ve seen once or twice a week for the last five years.“I’m so obsessed with the length of your hair,” Jonathan Van Ness says to me when I meet him for coffee one morning in January.“Not that I care about trends, but chin to collarbone, in general, I just feel like continues to be a force to be reckoned with.” In person, the 30-year-old hairstylist is true to his brand, with his own signature long locks tied back while sporting a glistening beard.

I’ve been through a lot of things in my life that if I didn’t make light of it, I would literally keel over. I had a job to do that day and part of that job was to entertain. Also, literally my whole life, he’s like said to me, “You’re gonna grow up to be famous.” Did he get to watch you on the show? My brother showed it to him when it came out, and it was the last day that he was conscious. It’s like really surreal for both of those things to be happening at the same time. We’re just little babies doing the best we can with what we know, honey.[.]And also when you think about what happened to the Starks, wouldn’t that just be so befitting to spend all this time thinking that it’s all about Jon and Christina but really it wasn’t, it was Lena Dunham the whole time. I just am ready to see Baby Kristen [referring to Kristen Stewart, a.k.a. Obviously, Lord Frey just felt so right, and I’m ready for her to just take fucking Cersei down. I would say that it’s not that it got bad, it’s just that it’s different, because you can just tell that George wasn’t writing the episodes this time because he has to focus on the book. I’ve had to do a lot of work on growing up as a gay kid from the Midwest that really was bullied so much and had not an easy time. That’s so much of what life is, getting through it in a balanced way where you can still look at yourself in the mirror and be like, “Good job, girl.Even though I do have this soft spot for how nasty she and Brother D [Jamie] are, I really do — just because it’s so crazy — but I do think I’m ready to see blonde Cher [Cersei, pre-shame] atone for her sins. Having Jon arrive to the island so quickly, things like that never used to happen. It started off with just a meeting, and I was like, “This is never gonna happen.” Even though I’m a hairdresser and I love doing hair, I feel like I don’t look like a groomer. I love him, but, you know, my aesthetic is soft lines and I have really long hair. I would say that my love of the gym and yoga is a half of the way it makes me feel and half of because it’s like when you see yourself on camera. I love you.” Like, “You’re just doing the best you can with what you know.” My journey’s been trying to find what balance means and how to love yourself at the end of it. Not necessarily trying to make people different people, but helping them take care of themselves.But I will also bring up the militarization of the police force and what a threat that is to every American because I feel very strongly about that. Also, with that happening, I can smile and do a whole bunch of interviews and talk about all of these things that in comparison are important, but I think that as humans we have to compartmentalize because you’d literally keel the eff over if you didn’t. We’re vessels that can make room for all sorts of stuff. I think a lot of gay men have had to use humor as a way to survive in the world. [.] But sometimes you can let things …Yeah, I mean, I have concealer on right now and I’m going to have to touch this part up right here.

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