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In the civil context, the “clear and convincing evidence” standard is a relatively high burden to satisfy.

So, the plaintiff-spouse seeking a divorce based on circumstantial evidence of the other spouse’s adulterous misconduct retains the burden of proof at trial; instead of the burden shifting to the defendant-spouse to prove otherwise. In that case, the facts indicated that the wife admitted to having sexual relations with another man, traveled to Chicago with the man without telling her husband, and even used his birth date as her personal password.

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Likewise, in , a husband provided evidence that his wife went on a cruise with another man and exchanged intimate letters with him that revealed some sort of sexual relationship between the two. If you or a friend should need professional assistance in a divorce, please contact the Law Office of M.

The Mississippi voting registration procedure at the time required Blacks to fill out a 21-question registration form and to answer, to the satisfaction of the white registrars, a question on interpretation of any one of 285 sections of the state constitution.

The registrars ruled subjectively on the applicant's qualifications, and decided against most blacks, not allowing them to register.

To some, “cheating” may merely involve intimate conversation with, or thoughts about, another person, without any physical contact; while others think only physical, sexual contact with another person qualifies as “cheating.” Mississippi law adopts the latter in its definition of “adultery.” Mississippi law defines adultery as the “voluntary sexual intercourse on the part of either spouse with a person other than his or her own spouse.” Owen v.

There are countless psycho-social studies and surveys aimed at figuring out “why” spouses engage in adulterous activity. So, adultery involves sexual intercourse with a third-person, and one instance of such conduct is enough to be characterized as adultery in Mississippi.

But, in the divorce context in Mississippi, why a spouse commits adultery is not really all that important. Also, it does not matter how frequent, or infrequent, a spouse commits adultery. The Mississippi Supreme Court has said that to prove adultery, a plaintiff-spouse must show by clear and convincing evidence that the other spouse exhibited both an (1) adulterous inclination and a (2) reasonable opportunity to satisfy that inclination.

SNCC recruiters interviewed dozens of potential volunteers, weeding out those with a "John Brown complex" and informing others that their job that summer would not be to "save the Mississippi Negro" but to work with local leadership to develop the grassroots movement.

More than 1,000 out-of-state volunteers participated in Freedom Summer alongside thousands of black Mississippians.

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