After updating any program wont boot

I have a problem and i need to solve it very quick. The process was successfully completed, and the next time i restarted my laptop, the bio popped up. Here are the steps i made: - My previously Bios version was 206 - I installed Bios version 208 (successfully) - The computer restarted, and entered automatically in Bios - Now, the Bios doesn't have boot options anymore. After i finished installing all my apps, i sow that is a new Bios version available, and i flashed it with Asus Flash Utility.The test is usually already on the Mac, but if you updated your operating system or had to re-install your operating system for any reason, they might not be loaded yet.

Though I ultimately failed to bring it to working condition for reasons I will get into later, I hope this story and instructions can be of use to someone else out there trying to revive a Mac.

It gave me brief hope that everything would be okay, but my Mac Book quit before it finished booting, suggesting other problems.

If you’re facing a similar situation where your Mac starts to turn on but runs into problems during boot-up, read on..

There are free and paid options, and even a graphical user interface (GUI) version.

Run Memtest in Safe Mode, a version of your operating system that does some checks and prevents unnecessary software from running.

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