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Too bad that I do not have her phone to contact her directly. Now she is a poor girl, I don't know what is happened in her life but I feel very sad for her. I think Goldie is not happy that she share her contacts with the customers and she ask cheaper rates, I think is not honest. Her husband built her family a second home, she lived in a luxury condo in town. He was to return after treatment but she didn't think he would make it back. She said she thinks he's back already but won't see her. A couple weeks ago, I booked Pim from Bangkok Gold. A bit of a fatty pouch stomach As you can see in the photos.I hadn't seen her for almost 4 years when she quit to get married. Even more surprised that BGE would have a lady that age in the line up but lists her as 28.

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A few of these stats come from We Chat’s own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies.Many use the app as a news source in a heavily censored web environment, but the government said it also being used for harmful practices ranging from fraud to terrorism to prostitution.Authorities had promised to “hold service providers responsible if they do not fulfill their duty,” according to Chinese state media outlet Xinhua.This forum is full of positive reviews about her, with many regrets and good wishes comments, when it was posted that she was retiring some years back. I wasn't surprised that she had changed that much but I think she may have had another kid.She is a "classy" and "very professional" lady, so she will find a way to overcome any issues in a very short time. Sharing her contact details with customers) is called win-win (better for her and the customer) and let's be clear a common practice in BKK and all agencies know it. I had some appointments with her some years ago when she worked with Goldie, she was high class girl, beautiful and very professional. Bht before he went back to the states due to cancer. Cellulite on thick thighs and skin not so smooth anymore.

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