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A second amended complaint was filed on November 22, 2013, adding Defendant ASI Liquidating Co., Inc. A Fairness Hearing was held on December 11, 2015 before Hon.

Barry Goode and a Final Order and Judgment has been entered.

An amended complaint was filed on February 7, 2013. James Otero granted final approval of the Flushmate class action settlement.

City and County of San Francisco, Superior Court of San Francisco, Case No. Some of the 22 properties experienced an oil-like substance percolating through their garage and basement floors.

Uponor and RTI no longer sell the fittings at issue and have admitted in court filings that the fittings were defective.

The fittings are identifiable by the following markings “F1807,” “P-PEX,” ” “NSF-pw,” and “US-PW.” On June 26, 2012, the Court granted final approval of a class action settlement. For more information about the settlement, please visit

The Settlement will provide a free visual inspection, replacement of failed panels, potential replacement of all BP solar panels, and/or installation of a new inverter with arc fault detection for eligible class members.

For additional details regarding the settlement please visit An million settlement has been reached between plaintiffs and Suntech America, Inc., Wuxi Suntech Power Co. doing business as Eagle Solar, and ASI Liquidating Co., Inc. and Open Energy Corporation), related to 34 watt solar tiles manufactured between 20.

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