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And though they've kept the details of their relationship private, the couple has attended several events together including the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which was taped in November.Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg crossed paths with each other long before they began dating.Bryan Greenberg is currently married to Jamie Chung.He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.5 years each. In fact, they wouldn’t hangout until a year after their official first date.How Celeb Couples First Met “[We met] like 10 years ago,” Chung, 34, exclusively told in a joint interview. We just so happened to recently work with the same producers — Scott Rosenberg, Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum — and they kept talking about this Bryan guy. ’ I thought he was really cute, saw him around town, saw him once at a party and we hit it off. So it was kind of like a five-year process,” she adds.We both have our own things, our own interests, our own hobbies, but there are other things that bring us together,” Chung says.“I do think that we live — not separate lives — but kind of.

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At 7 years old, when Greenberg's younger sister Becca was in dance class, he got the opportunity to appear in the lead role in the Omaha Ballet production of The Nutcracker. Shortly after, he got his first national role as the kid in the Cookie Crisp cereal commercial.“There was the, ‘Oh sh-t’ moment,” the “Oh God,” Greenberg, 39, interjects.Chung teases: “But it was only like a five-day split. He’s shaking his head.” The couple have kept busy since tying the knot.But it was very respectful and a conversation that lasted a little too long.” “And then we met each other in New York again, went on a date and then we didn’t talk for a year. “It really was like missed opportunities, missed timings, different cities and then finally we ended up in the same city together.” Flash forward and the couple have now been married for two years.Before exchanging vows on Halloween 2015, however, the pair briefly split.

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