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And private is a good word for Scorpio, as they ask all kinds of leading questions, and offer little in return.They have a gift for keeping their own revelations light, while penetrating your psyche with their x-ray vision.The Scorpio man is a brooder, and is one of those guys that undresses you with his mind, if he's interested.Some are drawn to those who also hint at a hidden wild side, like the librarian who lets her hair down after hours.

And yet, they prefer to unwrap a new potential love slowly.

The Scorpio woman holds her own, and men find that self-contained quality intriguing.

In hook-up culture, she's less likely to lower her standards, and more apt to have intense, but quality affairs.

Scorpio is a born detective and loves relationships that constantly reveal new layers.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern) and love is sometimes a battle of wills here.

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