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“Right now the problem in China is not that they have too many people.

It is that they have too few young people to support their rapidly aging population and, even under the two child policy, they are not getting the baby boom that they need to help with that situation or to help with the fact that their labor force is now declining,” according to Littlejohn.

The human rights advocate has seen the impact on the ground of this dramatic demographic shift, and is concerned about societal effect on the human dignity of the elderly.

“There is a steep rise in senior suicide in China,” explained Littlejohn, “historically, elderly people depended on having a large family that will support them in their old age and now a lot of them don’t have anyone to support them and now they are killing themselves in good numbers.” In China, the suicide rate for the over-65 age group is four to five times higher than the general population according to a study in the American journal Aging and Disease.

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Lazarus was “once poor” because he lived in poverty on earth but in death was taken up to the bosom of Abraham where he was comforted. He enjoys eternal life and is not burned by the flames as was the rich man who ignored Lazarus’ need(s).

And, it doesn’t cost that much to support an elderly widow in China.

We give them the American equivalent of a month and it makes the difference between eating salt for a meal and actually having real food,” according to Littlejohn.

C., Feb 25, 2018 / pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Although China expanded its former one child policy to a limit of two children per family in 2015, decades of government-enforced population control have left China with significant gender and age imbalances that have far reaching societal consequences, including a rise in sex trafficking and elderly suicide, according to a Chinese pro-life advocate.

“There are an estimated 37 million more males living in China than females.

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