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The O’Brien family is not hurting for money, dad even owns a private jet, they own a vacation home in an exclusive part of Palm Desert called the Hideaways, and that’s where Brad and Chantal spent Thanksgiving with her family.” Chantal/Chantel is divorced and seems to have a bit of a past, but whatever. Reality Steve Reveals Brad Womack’s Top 20 Women Reality Steve’s Episode-by-Episode Breakdown of Brad Womack’s Season of The Bachelor Updates on Reality Steve’s Spoilers (just some minor details added, but it’s still interesting) Catch up on “Bachelor” spoilers, contestant intel, news stories and other junk here at The Bachelor is a stupid show where women stand around all Bambi-eyed begging some man to “please, pick me, pick me” and it’s disgusting!! Forget about the creativity and the IQ of Chantal.. (Was she married to Jason Vena, the lead singer of a band called Acceptance? Emily seems like a wonderful, kind, soft-hearted women and shouldn’t be on this stupid show. I think Emily should win, but I agree she’s too sweet for Brad and he needs a woman who will domineer him and that would be Chantal. Although there isn’t much information about Chantal available (amazing that a beautiful 28-year-old woman and daughter of a prominent athlete and businessman is nowhere to be found online!) I did find out that she was married from 2005-2009 to Jason Vena, the former lead singer of the band Acceptance.The Fans of Reality TV boards seem to have some scoop on her ex.) Based on previews alone, I think she’s a good choice. She’s beautiful and can find love in a less demeaning manner!! I believe Emily will be our next Bachelorette and I’m glad because she is a wonderful woman. kicks off in less than four weeks as the hunky Brad Womack tries for his second time to find the love of his life by dating more than 20 women at once.

This is when Emily tells Brad the story about her daughter and the girl’s father, who died in a plane crash. On Episode 4, Brad and Chantal fly in a helicopter to Catalina Island, which is where Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn became “Kip-Ten” on “Bachelor Pad.” On this date, Brad and Cha-Cha walk across the bottom of the ocean floor and actually spend the night on the island, making the girls back on the ranch think Miss Chantal was eliminated. Southern charm is something that everyone falls in love with.

She’s also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr., so it’s not like she needs this show to find high-profile men.

* Brad supposedly has a one-on-one date with Emily on Episode 3.

Chantal is a graduate of the University of Washington and currently works as an assistant for her father Mike O’Brien, who used to play professional football with the Seattle Seahawks and the USFL.

Due to health issues stemming from multiple concussions, Mike O’Brien moved on from professional football to pursue a career as a car salesman.

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