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She was a little red-headed devil of a girl- a former beauty queen who still had all her looks at 30;and really, when I think back on it, Im not at all sure who trained who; not important in the overall scheme of things.We had done all the naughty role -playing games in bed... I do accept any applicants as long as they are willing to be trained.I had her begging to suck on me, walking on the floor like a dog, standing in the corner, etc...submissive not just in a sexual manner but as a way of life I fantasise about this and she gives me hints that she is submissive. Kinky books, tv shows, movies have taught me that this is something that turns me on. Walking past othe roof ice and cubicles to finally reach mine, she quietly knocked on the door. Dear Miss Lucy, I know it is hard for you to go so long without having your man treasure nearby to help keep your inner Goddess satisfied.He has always showed a sweet sensitive in control I'm a man and I wear the pants in this relationship...i would like to meet petgirl near me or would like to move but i want girl believe in God beautiful and look for serious and long relationship and what about treatment its depend on what does she love i am unlimited i have no limit but i like to be kind and gentle who... I thought you were a typical bored housewife trying to get through the day by having the occasional naughty chat. I figure you will need a good rope and abuse secession after two months of no sex.But after a few weeks you were still around and I started taking an interest in you. As I've said in other posts, I hate the word 'training'. I take my nurturing of women's submissive tendencies seriously,it's NOT a game. which requires that you live with me, with your own semi-private room. I do have a good plan for you on your first full...

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This is often evident in the number of nourishing, sustaining, and life affirming friendships she makes over the years. However I have finally been given the chance to honor love trust and respect my current bf of 5 years.Once we have found a suitable corner I push her hard up against the wall. She was describing how her current boyfriend just didn't "get" her. I am happy being what I am because I feel it is what I was born to be.Then I pull her top down and take her knickers off. It was a BDSM chat-room so it was pretty clear what kind of feelings he didn't get, but it was still surprising to hear Miranda talk about her fantasies, her desires. I am looking for females from anywhere who want to be slaves too.You will take my brief case and put it on the sideboard. Before I arranged to meet my Slave for the first time, we chatted on the intenet so she knew what we both wanted from a relationship. Dressed in a short dress stockings and heels, she walked toward me standing in the hotel lobby. I have experience and am a good sub But if you are rude I punish Or don't obey I don't punish often but I do when necessary I don't send pics and am ok with you not sending any I expect respect It will be online only If your intrested Ill let you know the rest of the...When I first met her the first thing I did, before we even kissed, was to put my hand inside her bra and squeeze her nipples hard without... As she came closer I turned and motioned to her to follow me down the main... I may be demanding and take full advantage of the power I have been given as Master, but know how to share the pleasure that comes from complete submission. However, whenever she spends time with her family they spoil her and she starts to get a bit of an attitude as soon as we/they leave. I made her wear a collar, I had a leash for her, I made her dress the way I wanted her too. When she wouldn't do it I would spank her, slap her... I am a young Mistress (19 yrs) who is looking for a submissive GIRL!

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