Child christian dating

Maybe God wants His people (us) to make some judgement calls. Many suggest that puberty is the most reasonable minimum age.Is there a moral difference between getting married at 17 vs 16 vs 15 vs 14 . I can’t find any Biblical principle to argue for or against this.I realize that this is not the Law that God gave to the Isrealites. Paul Calvert: That sounds like a very logical break-point. Culturally, it may not be popular at this particular point in time, but post-modern western culture has set up so many popular ideas about right and wrong that are based simply on fad thinking .But a lot of people would scream blood murder if a 40 year old man married a 12 year old girl who had just reached puberty E. A 40 year old man that is established and has run his course in sewing [sic] his wild oats is, in a lot of ways, a much better match for younger ladies than a young man who has yet to move past being daring and impetuous.Paul Konrad: If she passes the flower of her youth.Scripture seems to allow any age past puberty, and at her fathers [sic] discretion.

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Last year, teenage Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by jumping in front of a tractor-trailer.If God (being fully righteous) chose not to give instructions about a minimum age for marriage, why would we want our government (that is often corrupt) to set a minimum age?Currently, very young children are allowed to consent to fornication with other children who are close in age, but they are not allowed to get married. We allow children to consent to fornication (without parental approval) which is inherently evil but we don’t allow them to consent to marriage (with parental approval) which is generally good.However, some researching shows a problem that runs deeper — straight to the rotten core of that entire subculture.Don’t be fooled into thinking Farris is somehow a good guy.

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