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Humanistic Judaism is a Jewish movement that offers a nontheistic alternative in contemporary Jewish life, and defines Judaism as the cultural and historical experience of the Jewish people.The Society for Humanistic Judaism answers the question "Is intermarriage contributing to the demise of Judaism?

Interfaith marriage in Judaism (also called mixed marriage or intermarriage) was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue amongst them today.

The Rabbinical Assembly Standards of Rabbinic Practice prohibit Conservative rabbis from officiating at intermarriages.

The Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism recently published the following statement on intermarriage: In the past, intermarriage...

Although most of the rabbis in the Talmud considered the Deuteronomic law to refer only to marriage to Canaanites, they considered all religious intermarriage to be prohibited at least rabbinically.

Gradually, however, many countries removed these restrictions, and marriage between Jews and Christians (and Muslims) began to occur.

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