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It's actually very common for short guys to act unreasonably pushy with other men, for example, and pick fights for no reason. You'll be secretly hoping no one can see the two of you.

Making out with a shorter dude is a confusing experience. All of a sudden, you'll be against any kind of PDA.

I respect that, they're uncomfortable, it emasculates them... It's definitely not the worst thing that could happen to a couple, but still. You definitely can't replicate that famous lift scene from Dirty Dancing with a short guy. it's like he should be the one sitting on your lap instead, you know?

Short guys tend to act overly-aggressive or domineering in order to compensate for their height.

😂 A dude can't control his height just like a girl can't. I've always liked guys shorter than me for some reason. Yeah I'm in the short girl club at 5'1 so probably not. My friends boyfriend is 5'3 or 5'4 (they're the same height) and I wouldn't mind dating someone his height.

I feel like only looking for guys over 6' eliminates so many possibilities! Surprisingly, all the guys I've dated have been over 6' except for my current boyfriend who is only 5'10''.

I don't care how we appear to everyone else when I'm with him; bending down an inch or two to kiss him is fine.

It only becomes a dealbreaker if he starts telling me what shoes I can wear.

Personally I'm not into the idea, I'm 5'11" and want to be able to wear heels around a guy taller than me, even with heels on. You're already tall and want to wear heels so depending on how tall they are you'll be over 6 feet.

Their reasons for avoiding tinier guys range from less than pleasurable past dating experiences, to no longer getting to wear heels.

Read on to find out why else these girls will NEVER date short guys.

What I think is funny is when girls base a relationship off height yet get offended when a dude says the same thing about weight or height. Sooo many more qualities other than height, but people have a hard time looking past the physical Well I'm only 5'0 so finding someone shorter than me is rare. Annnd she still wears heels because she wants to not because "I'll be too tall to kiss my husband".

That's when girls complain when they do the same thing. After a certain point, personality overrides physical traits...

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