Dating after divorce effect on children

If a date can't pretend Wednesday is Saturday night, she's not a grown-up." Klungness is co-author of "The Complete Single Mother" (Adams).Other rules of thumb: Wait to introduce a person until you have seen him/her exclusively for several months. When Elaine's daughter screamed, "I hate you," it may have been simple embarrassment at her mother's intimacy, innocent as it was, or it could be more complicated, says University of Virginia psychologist Robert Emery, author of "The Truth about Children and Divorce" (Viking).It was more than a year before she was ready to date.

Seeing a man at the counter with mom while she minces onions is very threatening.By the time a parent finds someone to commit to, they may be adamantly resistant.Parents are entitled to a personal life, but it's best to keep it private in the beginning.Get around this by sticking to neutral turf, or by having short, casual visits at home. With children under 12, the first time the person isn't around, fill the void with other activities. " go for limited honesty ("She has other plans today."), and after time passes: "I know this is upsetting.We're not going to see her again."The better they knew the person, the more details they need. That's incomprehensible to kids." She would go with, "Our feelings changed." Be prepared to repeat it over and over.

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