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But, I’m complaining in the essay that while I grew up in South Chicago, my War Hero’s sons and I had to live in the ‘poorest’ suburb of Chicago, even though my husband’s ancestry went back to the Mayflower. It says that she grew up on “Euclid” Street in South Chicago.

And that is where I lived at one time: 7916 South Euclid.

She was the one who was ‘knocking down White Polish women and how much she ‘hated’ them.

She eventually got the bosses to side with her, and eventually drove me out, just as Whites were driven out of their neighborhoods by Jewish real estate block busters.“She met Barack Obama when they were among very few African Americans at their law firm, Sidley Austin, (she has sometimes said only two, although others have pointed out there were others in different departments) and she was assigned to mentor him while he was a summer associate.”(Now what if “I” were to go to a ‘White racist’ movie, that spoke of our White Plight, and not only ‘disregarded’ the White Race who ‘housed, fed, clothed, taught, and spiritually mentored,” but actually attacked them.)Now Michelle’s mentor is “Valerie Jarrett,” it Wiki describes how Valerie mentored Michelle and got her into Mayor Daley’s Political Machine.

And No one cares about White Polish slavery.)The Robinson family can trace their roots to pre-Civil War African Americans in the American South; her paternal great-great grandfather, Jim Robinson, was an American slave in the state of South Carolina.(Oh yes, thanx to Jewish indoctrination and brain torture, all Blacks have the right not only to ‘know and study’ their black African heritage but to display it, brag about it and be ‘proud of it.’ I wonder how many of the ‘great, great grandsons of the White Plantation owner are doing well today as White men.)Michelle Obama went to Bryn Mawr School near Euclid where I lived. And I’m sure since the blacks have spent the White’s money for 50 years for picking a few buds of cotton, her experience as ‘treasurer’ will help her disseminate the formerly White treasury of trillions, past, present and future.

I’m sure she will ‘spend it well.’The round trip commute from her South Side home to the Near West Side took three hours.

That would be the address when I entered the psychiatric hospital.(Well, it looks like she will fit right in with the Jewish monopoly thugs we have had running the world.

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So, Michelle’s mother was a ‘secretary’ at a high level, my poor White Polish Mama was a fucken White slave for the Jewish catalog Vice-President. and this same location is where the Chicago Policeman I was dating at the time was ‘kicked’ off the Chicago Police force for excessive violence when a bunch of black thugs wanted to mix, mate, and mingle in an all White bar.

, that “Tired and stressed, we had little time for conversation, much less romance”.

However, despite their family obligations and careers, they continue to attempt to schedule date nights.

(They want Whites to ‘feel sorry for her,’ but my Daddy’s round trip in South Chicago to work was 4 hours each day, and my ride to pick up my son in the Christian Boarding school was 5 hours, followed by 12 hours work at a high pressure trucking company in the office!

The object or lesson is “feel sorry for the blacks,” and kick the White’s in their pants, as I’ve been kicked around my whole life.)“…on to major in sociology and minor in African American studies.” Now, why was I never given the opportunity to attend “European American studies,” especially to secure our survival if nothing else.

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