Dating old enamel coffee pots

Eventually, ovens and skillets had an enamel coating and were also considered to be graniteware.

While all of this may be a memory from our childhood days of entertaining ourselves with black and white television, graniteware is far from just a memory.

Many products found on the market today are made with an enameled coating.

When shopping, you can find everything from the usual enameled kitchenware (graniteware) to jewelry and appliances.

This process gave the enamelware the appearance of granite, thus came the name “graniteware.” Along with the process of producing graniteware, came the birth of a new city called Granite City, located in Illinois.

Once named Six Mile Prairie because it was located just six miles from St.

Of course, enamelware existed long before the days of the covered wagon and weary pioneers. The process is the result of the fusion of powdered glass to an object through the process of firing.The enamel process was already well-known and popular in Germany during the 1800s; and when brothers, Frederick and William Niedringhaus, observed this unusual technique while visiting Europe, they quickly jumped on the idea and decided to incorporate it in their business in the United States.The brothers owned and operated an iron works company in St.It’s as if you can hear the “clang, clang” of the pans and dishes rattling around as they shifted from side to side.Although cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens were often used in the preparation of the food, it was a graniteware coffeepot you would see sitting on the fire each night as weary pioneers sat around talking and eating.

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