Dating triad transformers

Newsgroups: Organization: The Microsoft Network ( Lines: 34 Heres a quick way to date Fender amps (’60-82).

Dating system for transformers works on the speakers also.

The simple ability to use a soldering iron is not enough to qualify a "do it yourself person." Those who are inexperienced in working with electronic circuits should never attempt to service their amplifier. Transformers, chokes and large filter capacitors can store a dangerous charge for several days or more after the amplifier has been unplugged.

Never touch the terminals of such devices without being certain of their charge status.

The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker's housing leg or the magnet edge.

The following lists provide an accurate record of the date codes used.

Transformers and chokes are not user serviceable parts.

Installation of these components should always be performed by an experienced technician.

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It's casual and at least normally it's fairly open to fooling around. It's a time to learn about each other and if you really get along.

Socially one is expected to date at least 100 vorns before courting gifts are given.

If a third is coming into a conjunx pair (or even a courting pair) the pair must have been together at least 100 vorns before dating begins.

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Courting Gifts: This is a stage of between three to five vorns and fifty gifts where one mecha gives secret gifts to the other.

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