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Across from that modern dining room was another set up as it would have been 100 years before, and a horticulture exhibit.

Out of that room and to the left was an exhibit of old-fashioned costumes, and then ahead another room represented art and industry that was so overwhelming, the reporter gave up “…there is so much and so great a variety, we cannot hope to describe it.

So perhaps the reason there are TWO ribbons in the Emeline crazy quilt, is that my great-grandmother, Hattie Morgan Stout (1842-1928), was on the original committee, and great-grandfather, Doc Stout, was a johnny-come-lately. This article, again from the, says that the Centennial Loan would open on July 25 (1888) and continue for a week. Then we learn how enthusiastic the people of Holmes County were.On the north were ancient items, as old as 500 years old, “old, quaint, dainty, pretty, beautiful.” A large room had been divided into a hall, bedroom and parlor, each furnished with all sorts of beautiful household items.The next room featured a “dinning(sic) room” with complete table setting.They gathered in the state capitol, which at that time had a population of 120,000.Now the ribbons in the crazy quilt mean so much more than they did originally.

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