Dating women with irish setters

The Irish Setter Limited Series is an homage to the original Irish Setters that made its Red Wing Shoes catalogue debut in the 1950’s. It quickly became very popular among hunters who wore them during their trips through the woods and marches in search for birds and deer.

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I cant live without music, be it Bach or The Beatles. I have travelled extensively & would like to do more with a companion.The Red Wing name is embossed on the side of the boots and a woven “Irish Setter” label can be found on the inside.The Irish Setter Limited Series is a time capsule collection that embodies not only the identity and history of Red Wing Shoes, but also the art of traditional shoemaking that involves handcrafting and a meticulous eye for detail.We are talking about the same machines that were used on the first-ever batch of Irish Setter boots.Original mahogany and sage threads were used and the boots come with Klondike leather laces.

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