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Ministers insist that the popularity is pure coincidence because the matches are held at weekends, as if there was something inherent to beach volleyball that requires it to be played at times when the international business representatives, from whom the British government wishes to secure £4bn in new contracts over the course of the Games, are most likely to be free.Shuffling into line for the next match is a large number of men with matching Coca-Cola backpacks."That's how our businesses talk to each other – Coke as a corporate sponsor has had [these tickets] for years."His guest, Richard Bailey, works for Orange and T-Mobile.He's here "just for the excitement and the atmosphere, soaking it all in".Now five years later, Atwood is about to get the court date he has been seeking.A federal judge will hear arguments Monday for and against a hearing on "newly discovered evidence" Atwood's attorney says will prove his claims of evidence tampering."I would have loved to have had 25 more years with Vicki," Carlson said.

Sponsors have had no trouble filling all their spaces for the beach volleyball. "I'm bringing a customer as part of our contact strategy, because we both wanted to come," he says.In addition, friends of Atwood's told authorities they saw him with bloody hands and cactus needles on his clothes that afternoon.Atwood had told them he'd stabbed a man in a drug dispute at the west end of Ina Road."We managed to get right to the front, the stadium is just incredible." The best bit? Hoskinson in 1996, with the idea of providing quality computer services, promptly and courteously.

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