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There-fore, legislation should be considered obliging local governments to invest in these common facilities. Don’t just give a loan, also give advice The State Bank should issue instructions to all the lending institutions to offer free and professional advice to all women entrepreneurs in the MSE sector.

Lending institutions need to understand that a successful business is in their own interests.

The key reason offered by Kashf Foundation itself was its preoccupation with a fast growing micro borrowers market.

There is no programme in place at the moment that can help prospective women entrepreneurs to grow from micro to small enterprises.

Policies and programmes designed to cater to this category are needed to help women entrepreneurs grow and succeed at a larger scale.

A leading micro-finance institution, Kashf Foundation, did envisage this programme, but it did not achieve any meaningful implementation .

As such, they need encouragement from respective city governments in the form of, for example, supply and storage systems, which is too expensive for an individual MSE to purchase alone.

The networks of women entrepreneurs need to approach them and seek their assistance. Foster entrepreneurial network As micro and small enter-prises cannot possibly achieve economies of scale, the banks and other business support organizations should extend incentives for vertical and horizontal collaboration amongst MSEs.

They may set up knowledge sharing circles and share experiences with each other on a regular basis to learn from each other and get inspired. Muhammad Aziz, Kashf Foundation, during an interview at Kashf head office on 11th September 2009.

Promoting Women SME Entrepreneurship: Towards some intervention priorities for the government. Ali Salman currently works as a senior partner at Development Pool - a consulting firm and teaches Economics.

This also calls for treating the small, including the micro sector, differently from the medium.

Close to 100,000 enterprises in the MSE sector are owned and managed by women entrepreneurs in urban areas alone.

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