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An engage strategy would be used when the situation allows for confronting, compromising, or collaborating (Robin 2002).

In confrontations, the engage strategy can be aggressive but not hostile, because the outcome should be a win-win situation for all parties.

If anyone seems particularly anxious, you can talk to them about how this is a normal part of work life, employers are set up to deal with it, and no one is irreplaceable (or shouldn’t be).

She is wonderful – supportive, fair, smart – more like a mentor, actually.

Yet, she gets to leave at the same time as I do every day.

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Not engaging does not mean the same as resisting or being defensive, it is a conscious and deliberate choice not to be adversarial (Robin 2002).If hostile feelings remain, consider using another strategy.Because compromise involves negotiating for a mutually desirable outcome, the engage strategy means putting differences aside and working together for an agreeable solution.This involves working together to generate win-win alternatives for resolving issues (Robin 2002).Collaborating involves high to moderate skill levels of parties, clear clarity of both goals, strong status of relationships, win-win attitude toward authority, low concerns for formalities and traditions, and a high self-concept.

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