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An IRA operative was sent to the Dominion Theatre in London with delayed timing detonators and 25 pounds of Frangex, a mining gelignite.

He located a spot in the wall of a bathroom near the Royal Box into which the bomb would fit – but failed to install the device.‘I spoke to Diana in private at times,’ says Le Bon.

He has a daughter, Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor, 23, from his marriage to TV presenter Amanda De Cadenet, who became famous at the fag end of the Eighties for her wild child lifestyle – an endless carousel of underage drinking, dancing on tables and falling out of small frocks in sleazy Chelsea clubs.‘I try not to be vain,’ insists Le Bon, who is wearing blue eye shadow.

‘But we’re Duran Duran – we’re not jeans and T-shirts kind of guys.

The four members of Duran Duran (tough Geordie guitar player Andy Taylor left the band for good in 2006) have convened for a daytime photo shoot in an empty West End nightclub, and gamely agree to be grilled individually throughout the afternoon.

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You may also recognize them from collaborations they’ve done with Team Four Star through voice work and videos from their gaming channel. You can be crusty and wrinkly and old and wear eye make-up and be happy with that.’In a smart Piccadilly back street, photo-shoot concluded, Le Bon treats himself to a large Campari, gin and soda, settling in for a leisurely chat as his bandmates drift back to their various London lairs.‘A question I ask all the time is, “Could I live without money?‘I’d never been a Zeppelin fan but they started off with Rock And Roll and I just thought, “Holy ****! ”‘At the same time, Duran were clinging on for existence.We’d divided in two camps but it came together that day and I love Duran’s performance at Live Aid.

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