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Sergi Santos, the designer of the love machine Samantha, said the amorous android was so erotic that men were already developing real feelings for her.

Makers claim she can be "seduced" as she comes complete with sensors in her face, hands, breasts and "the female genitals down below" so requires a more subtle approach than her forebears.

Samantha featured in a new BBC documentary in August 2107 called "Can Robots Love Us?

" which explored the question of romance between men and machines.

The sex club has several rooms and customers are offered the services of a silicone model instead of a prostitute.

Samantha is one of the latest hyper-realistic dolls to be released into the growing market of lifelike sex dolls.

But they had no idea that her son’s webcam was on all the time. Slowly, he removes his clothes and helps her in taking off hers.

Check out his desi mature sex video recorded in this webcam. Then, she kneels on the floor and takes his penis into her mouth.

The doll's creator even says she will even be able to spot nice people, because she'll have a "moral code".

Incredibly, Santos hopes that the cyborg will develop an arousal based on how nice a person is, following a conversation, and "orgasm" accordingly.

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