George hamilton dating now

In 2014, Hamilton shared his "secrets" for healthy long life and longevity with George Hamilton still looks fit and healthy in 2016 in his late 70's, and has said he wears the same size clothes today as a septuagenarian senior citizen, as he did when he was a teenager in high school. A million acquaintances, but few close friends I’ve no desire to ever marry again, though I would like to find a woman to share my path. Somebody else has taught her everything, and all I have to do is mount her'There’s something about lower testosterone: you develop great taste.

This healthy aging advocate says "” He's also given credit to stem-cell therapy injections for being able to hold off the tides of time.

According to Hamilton, despite a history of torn rotator cuffs in his shoulders from long days of fencing lessons and bullwhip practice for movies, a bum right knee acquired during his run on Broadway in the musical , and 4 broken ribs from a jump aboard a yacht, he accepted when his agent told him Rachel Hunter had been on the show in the first season.

Hamilton knew Hunter because she had been married to Rod Stewart, whom his ex-wife Alana had married in 1979 (and divorced in 1984).

“We were friends right up until she passed away,” George solemnly tells .

“I probably have more personal memories from her than anyone.

We can also confirm that the parents-to-be already know the sex of the baby and will welcome a daughter this fall. the couple is "very excited" about the news.contestant awaits the arrival of his first child, he continues to work on what dad George Hamilton refers to as his son's original "baby"—his music.

When Ashley asked his famous dad to collaborate on his upcoming record, George was happy to help.

Below, quotes from the ever-witty and often sly George Hamilton about romance, dating, and senior citizen sexuality: "Basically, I'm a shy human being. I love the company of women, I always have done, but now, any woman I lie down with, she's going to… "It's great for Ash to ask me to be involved in any project that has to with his life and this is like his baby," George said."I hope I do right by him."Perhaps it's time to start working on an album of lullabies! Hamilton had been dating 30-years-younger girlfriend and model Kimberley Blackford since they met in 1995, and she gave birth to his son George Thomas Hamilton in December 1999.The Blackford-Hamilton romance had already ended earlier that year when Kimberley Blackford discovered Hamilton was dating novelist Danielle Steele.

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