Ireland dating warning

Earlier, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney urged the public to take the severe weather warnings seriously.The former Defence Minister wrote on Twitter: “Anybody not taking storm Orphelia seriously should think again - I don't remember ever seeing a forecast for the south coast quite like this.” Met Eireann’s Gavin Gallagher said: “As you can imagine this morning, there’s quite a lot going on.It had been described as “rapid moving” and will have passed by Tuesday.Sean Hogan, national director for fire and emergency management, said it was an “extreme weather event.” “The comparable weather event we are looking at is Hurricane Debbie in 1961,” he said.Met Eireann forecaster Evelyn Cusack told the briefing the weather event was almost unprecedented for this country.The hurricane will hit the south west coast from around 6am tomorrow and will pass north east across the country.Some Custody hearings of the District Court will go ahead via local arrangements, however it is hoped many of these can be conducted by video link.People summonsed for jury duty for the first time or acting as a juror in an on-going trial should not report to courthouses Monday October 16th - but should instead report on Tuesday.

It is the highest level of alert Met Eireann can issue.Picture Denis Boyle Speaking on this evening's weather forecast, meteorologist Joanna Donnelly told viewers "this is not the remnants of a hurricane - this is a hurricane".Every school and college in the country will remain closed tomorrow as a result, the Department of Education has said.The public have been urged not to make unnecessary journeys.Employers have also been urged to give their employees guidance how working arrangements have been affected in light of the national red warning.

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