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Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) were living it up.No way do I believe that man is 90 years old, looking at the way he was moving around onstage.

What really struck me was how much everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves — and one another’s company.They also had all sorts of historical photos and script pages on display, which was a lot of fun.Also, I’m pretty sure my blazer from Top Shop was the same “vintage” jacket that Theresa found and did design work on for Brady to wear to the bicentennial.function supports_html5_storage() function get Cookie(dname) function set Cookie(dname) function change Cls Nam(cls Nam) { $('#main').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('#top-navigation').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('#left-menu').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('.Like a pair of random extras who showed up for the bicentennial party at the Martin mansion and then apparently had to leave because two egomaniacs decided to turn a town-wide event into their wedding ceremony, my friend Ira and I were fortunate enough to score invites to the 50th anniversary party that took place this past Saturday night.

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