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Back in 2010, Jenny's cheating ways — and Bryan's violent ways — were the talk of the tabloids. Jenny married Levi Mc Clendon, the man she cheated on her husband with.An insider reveals that: “Jenny and Levi got married in San Diego two weeks ago. Does a new husband for Jenny mean a new reality show for her and her six kiddies? According to Jen's ex-husband, the kids will NEVER be on TV again. Tags: divorce, jennifer masche, married, raising sextuplets, reality, reality show Thank goodness these children are too young to understand what's going on with their parents! ) New details are arising about the troubled times between Bryan and Jennifer Masche, parents on the hit WE show, .“I have no idea why they did it,” says Jenny’s uncle, Sergio Bustamante, who lives in Arizona.“There’s more support here.” “In Florida, it was rough,” says Jenny’s brother, Jeff Simbric, adding that the couple left because they thought there had been “too much interference from outside people.” “I don’t think they put a lot of thought into it.Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Bryan Masche, father of Arizona’s Masche sextuplets and former star of the WETV reality show “Raising Sextuplets.” Bryan had recently read [email protected] interview with Jenny Masche and there were some things he wanted to get off his chest. During our time together it was clear that his number one focus is his children whom he adores and is doing everything he can to be the best single parent he can be. Please remember our IW motto and keep your comments respectful and kind: Can you give us an update on your life and where things are now?

“The best thing you can give your children is showing a healthy mommy and daddy that love each other,” she said at the time.The source says his anger stemmed from having "major trust issues" with Jennifer at the time, but we think he might just have issues, period.Granted, the woman shouldn't have lied to him, but we're beginning to think this guy's MO is to fly off the handle whenever things get a bit out of control! These are the kinds of personality flaws judges take into account when granting custody in divorce hearings! Tags: bryan masche, drama, jennifer masche, raising sextuplets Well, yeah! Tags: bryan masche, divorce, jennifer masche, legal separation, marriage, mother-in-law, raising sextuplets, separated parents Bryan Masche and his wife Jennifer Masche have legally filed for a separation.Deputies say that there was a "female victim," however, details have not emerged confirming whether or not she is his wife, Jennifer Masche.The couple has said in the past that they do see a relationship counselor.

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