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Most notably, in the Athenian Agora, a well was uncovered containing the remains of 175 babies thrown there to drown.

Lest we assume that was the practice of the poor and ignorant, one of the most influential thinkers in Western intellectual history – none other than Aristotle – argued in his Politics that killing children was essential to the functioning of society.

But that this parent should have so little regard for the child, as to unmercifully dump it where it might die slowly and painfully, or be picked up by someone to be reared into slavery or prostitution (as sometimes happened), suggests a level of cruelty beyond our modern imagination.

Lloyd De Mause in his essay "The Evolution of Childhood" (pp.

Indeed, they, and I venture to say most human beings the world over, deeply believe that a perfect world must include these universal values. Are these six basic ideas intrinsic to human nature? The answer I found will surprise, perhaps even shock, the reader.Western law, government, administration, and engineering were also powerfully shaped by Rome.Indeed, we do overwhelmingly get the lion's share of our culture from these civilizations.We all want to live with a certain minimal amount of human dignity.We all want certain protection in the law against oppression by tyrants who might consider certain segments of society expendable simply because they are too weak or too poor to protect themselves.

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