List dating directories

This option only has an effect if tag for the file icon.

This allows browser to precalculate the page layout without having to wait until all the images have been loaded.

The not to interrupt watching for changes, when non-fatal error occurs.

Error will instead be shown in log view on the dialog and optionally in balloon notification.

The default behavior is for them to be links; selecting the column heading will sort the directory listing by the values in that column.

However, query string arguments which are appended to the URL will still be honored.

The listing is basically broken into two components, the files and the subdirectories, and each is sorted separately and then displayed subdirectories-first.

For instance, if the sort order is descending by name, and constructs a simple table for the fancy directory listing.

In Explorer interface, where there is no local working directory, it will be the last local directory used.

If no value is given for the option, it defaults to the standard width of the icons supplied with the Apache httpd software.

If specified, Apache httpd will not make the column headings in a Fancy Indexed directory listing into links for sorting.

checkbox makes Win SCP delete files and subdirectories in remote directory that you delete in a corresponding local directory.

Before using this, learn how it works, so you know what you are doing.

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