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Wind was average but not anything to complain about.

We did not run the generator during this part of the trip (thanks to our solar and lithium technology upgrades).

04/28/2015 – 05/19/2015 It was warm enough we had to run the dash AC a bit, but not too much.Our Vesta came in a very close second averaging a fuel economy in the almost 11ish MPG area (you can find those reports here: Monaco Vesta MPG).Our Excursion came in third but considering it wasn’t designed for fuel efficiency like our Vesta, I was pleased when we tracked the fuel economy in the 9.5 MPG range (you can find those reports here: Fleetwood Excursion MPG).Maybe it’s the dusty, rough roads we traveled at such low speeds?We ran the dash A/C here and there once it was fixed and we ran the generator a bit, but not enough to impact the numbers too much.

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