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He’s the God who helped a 90-year-old woman get pregnant (Genesis 17:7, 21:1-8), the God who parted the seas when all was lost for the desperate Hebrews (Exodus 14), the God who multiplied the oil from a jar to keep a widow and her son alive (2 Kings 4:1-7), the God who called a dead man from the grave (John -44), the God who multiplied five loaves and two fishes and fed 5,000 (Mark -44) — and, yes, He’s the God who provided a husband for Ruth, a foreign widow who was anything but an eligible bachelorette in Israel (Ruth 4). We’re talking about the same God who helped my 33-year-old friend Helena find love with a 28-year-old pastor she had a chance encounter with one weekend.

This is the same God who used Christian to introduce my 34-year-old friend Lisa to her 36-year-old husband, Tim, the very first day they both logged on.

The Trinity Church pastor said the non-biblical origin of the soul mate concept comes from the Greek philosopher Plato, who believed that a human soul was ripped in two pieces, one female and one male, who were tasked in life to find each other.

This destructive false teaching is robbing many of joy in their most important relationships,” Driscoll wrote in a message accompanying his video response.

And, they are going for younger women, according to the statistics.” But he reminds the single ladies to take heart, because even though it’s tough to be single, “God uses everything in our life to make us more like Jesus, who happened to live a perfect life while single.” After I read Driscoll’s article, I understood the reason my friend found the article “extremely discouraging”: um, I’m sure Driscoll’s heart was in the right place when he wrote it, but my goodness, does he really think those sum up the options for a single woman — either run her life into the ground or get used to being single like Jesus was?

"The weirdest, worst thing you can do with your kid" is sit him or her down and just have one "awkward, intense, overwhelming" conversation about sex, the pastor said in a recent blog post. " It's a bit of information over the course of time.

“You want to have alignment, you want to have shared common vision,” Driscoll continued.

“Someone you are attracted to, someone you want to be with.” He warned, however, that there is “no such thing as an easy marriage,” and said that when sinful people are involved, there will always be conflict.

"At that age, when they're in's all about appropriateness for where your child is at," he said.

"You need to start the conversation, but it needs to be age and emotionally appropriate, getting into issues of, ultimately you want to get married, you want to fall in love, you want to have kids, but to get there, you need to be responsible, you need to be an adult, you need to be ready to provide.

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