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On the other hand, sometimes these bottlenecks are because Windows has too many balls in the air, and at some point they’re fated to collide in ways that tarnish your gaming experience.

Maybe you can hit 60 frames at 4K in That’s where the Creators Update may help.

Hitting high frame rates defines nirvana for most PC gamers, and almost always involves investing in pricey hardware upgrades.

But achieving consistency across a given frame rate is at least as vital.

At this point, the adage “your mileage may vary” can’t be overstated.

Most sites report the performance improvements are negligible to nil on enthusiast-caliber hardware, speculating that you’re more likely to see benefits if you’re rocking lower-end gear, or are bound by a slower CPU.

With the Creators Update installed, all you have to do is pull up the Game bar after launching a game (Windows key G), click the Settings button, then enable Game Mode.

You can alternatively hit Windows key I to bring up general Settings, go to the new Gaming section, then enable Game Mode globally, if, like me, you use your PC strictly for gaming.

The irony, if that’s correct, and assuming the majority of PC gamers enable Game Mode at the system level, is that the performance benefits in games to come could be both significant as well as completely unnoticeable.

I can get the game to work after numerous attempts and waiting for a few? Most of the time the launcher remains stuck at 100%.

The fabled, freebie Windows 10 Creators Update, which began rolling out April 11, harbors a hodgepodge of changes for Microsoft’s nearly two-year-old operating system.

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Open the task manager on your computer (shortcut is Ctrl Shift Esc). In Windows 8.1, scroll down to the Background Processes and look for any Bitraider listings.

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