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As Jake tries to teach Sarah how to row (in her house, while standing behind her, both are clothed and he talks about the rhythm of the rowing), the motion of his arms go close to her chest, prompting her to tell him to "watch those oars." He then nuzzles her neck and the two then passionately kiss, but are interrupted before anything else happens.She then states, "I thought we were going to row the boat" (meaning sex), with him saying he'll be right back.She goes on a number of dates, but finds herself attracted to Jake (with whom she wants to have sex) and Bobby (with whom she does have sex). JOHN CUSACK plays a tightly wound builder of wooden sculls who over-analyzes himself and his relationships, but allows himself to get involved with Sarah (with whom he wants to have sex). STOCKARD CHANNING plays a middle-aged woman who's fighting time while still in the dating world where she's seeing Bill.She ends up becoming friends with Sarah in their common disdain for dating and its pitfalls.Sarah tells Carol about the above condom scene, leading to Carol saying that the couple shown on the condom box (just together and clothed with no sexual activity) look happy, with Sarah stating that of course they look happy since they have condoms.

An older restaurateur then asks his same-aged wife why she can't wear a dress like that, with the wife responding that if he looked like Jake, she would.Sarah Nolan (DIANE LANE) is a pre-school teacher who's reluctantly reentering the world of dating following her divorce eight months ago.In fact, she's so bad at it that her family -- including sisters Carol (ELIZABETH PERKINS)and Christine (ALI HILLIS), as well as their widowed father Bill (CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER) -- have gathered for a family intervention of sorts where they hope to get her back on track.Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.In a montage about dating and how to get men, one woman tells a bit about going into a hardware store and asking where she "can get nailed" (and then correcting that to "find" nails) and then joking that she's been drinking all day, thus letting the guys know she's easy.

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