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I have two sons to nurture and I have to do something to ensure their well being.

Their education, health and comfort are the priorities in my mind.

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We are often filled with news about brothels being raided and prostitutes being arrested.

Organisations such as Centre for Sex Worker’s Rights (CSWR) and women’s rights activists have been demanding legal rights in order to create a recognised position for them in society.

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That is one of the main methods of income for such families”.

Are there other ways to deal with the destitute situation of women in Sri Lanka?

The co-president of the Centre for Sex Worker’s Rights (CSWR) expressed her views on this as follows. When we are destitute we cannot kill or steal for money like men do. We do it for our children, we do it for ourselves.” “There are many reasons why girls/women have taken up sex work.

This is quite a sensitive topic and is hard to approach, as the widespread notion is that prostitutes corrupt society and bring negative values to the social structure.

While poverty tops the list, coercion and desperation may be other reasons for women to be inclined towards sex work.

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