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It’s a sink or swim environment, and the lack of proper training leads to mistakes in the manufacturing process.Upper management beats down the ladder until the workers are the ones getting all of the stress.

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Neogen uses a Sub-Micro technology which allows to reduce the molecular size to as small as 1/100,000,000 of the size of a hair follicle as well as other techniques like Molecular Encapsulation, Liposome methods, and many more various technologies for reducing molecular size.

Technology focusing on the environmental sustainability aspect for the long term and future generations.

Consideration of various ingredient information from the origin, cultivation date, method of cultivation, environmental pollution levels, and etc; quality of ingredients are considered for review in effort to help reduce as much negative environmental impact on the future environment and future skin health.

“Dermaceutical” refers to a skin science that involves targeted research in skin’s mechanism, system, and metabolism through focused study of the human skin from the skin cell, skin structure, skin barrier, skin composition, and etc.

Through dermaceutical science, Neogen delivers dermaceutical technology through development of formulas and ingredients that minimize skin irritation and optimizes skin-safety and compatibility based on study of what is crucial and necessary for the optimal skin health.

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