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She is like him, ordinary, mediocre and stuck in a loveless marriage to a monster where she endures his anger and rage. They've been best friends since forever, so having his hand down her pants won't change anything... After the death of her father, Bella finds herself alone in the world and in need of employment. But what happens when she turns the family dynamic and Edward's plan on its royal head?

(Angst, fluff, twists, and a guaranteed HEA)There is absolutely nothing improper about the Vicar of Forkton's spinster daughter nursing the badly wounded Viscount Masen back to health. a man who is determined to break the curse that has plagued his family for generations by letting his bloodline die out.

While doing fifteen years for Drug and Gun trafficking a drug lord content with his existence gets a letter from a plain jain book worm not so content with hers.

They start as pen pals while he does time, but when Fast Eddie Cullen is released on a technicality.

Five years later she returns when Carlisle Cullen leaves her a portion of his ranch in his will only to be confronted with all the ghosts she left behind- including an angry, cold, and unforgiving Edward. During a Wi Fi disaster at University, Edward finds himself at a cyber cafe, having fallen in love with Bella's swift hands gliding over the keyboard. Memories are scattered and Bella has trouble remembering what happened, that is until someone helps her try to remember. In doing so, she finds herself mixed up with some unsavory characters.

What if Bella didn't go to play baseball with Edward and his family, in turn, never met James and Victoria? Violence, guns and sexy criminals, what could go wrong? Mobward Assward Jerkward mafia mob kidnapped Spunkella EPOV BPOVIt's the hottest book of the season, every kid wants it.

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