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It's like saying hey I don't like you so maybe you'll go away if I reply to you but in a very short manner. The rest just fail and look ridiculous doing it."Let me tell you a lil secret .. that stops ppl from talking to you ..just dont want to talk to you ... let alone the time of day here by anyone ..."You missed the point. It has an action that has zero benefits but creates harm (by wasting time).

Be happy that you got a few words, most dont respond and just delete it. They like you enough to keep you around for a rainy day but don't think you're worth wasting keystrokes on. I think all the guys in this thread should open a "..don't women respond...?

I would think just a few words was being polite but they arent intrested, so they just humor you instead of saying what would bring closure to your inquiry email. Seriously though, you are the one picking these shing stars of academia. " thread and tell them to stop posting with complaints about women who respond because it's causing you to get half azz responses from uninterested women. When we respond politely though uninterested, we're leading men on.

I like when someone thanks you for the email but that your not my type. When we don't respond at all we're rude and inconsiderate of the time and effort it took to put together a "thoughtful e-mail". Yeah I've heard that a lot and believe it to be complete ********.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Some people on here and other sites that I've emailed would answer with only one or two words.

Ok, I've been using online dating for about a couple of month and seriously is the education system in the U. I mean some of their profiles ask the other person to write a meaningful message to them yet when they get one and decide to reply it usually ends up like this "lol yeah." I've even gotten a "It's fun" before when I asked a girl what is the most interesting part about her job and why.

And all of that sweet, smooth daddy-coaxing writing is done by none other than Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray.

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Maybe if they had written something more backatchya you could tease out for sure whether it's lack of any real interest or just that they're morons. Of course, large helpings of both can produce the same net result since either alone suffices. Then like you'll get more yaknow, yaheard,like uh you know and some whatevers Dude.. It lets you filter out those women who are clueless BEFORE all the blood leaves your head in a southern rush south to your pecker.. When we don't respond at all we're rude and inconsiderate of the time and effort it took to put together a "thoughtful e-mail". We know the woman is not interested after two or three of those.Since only ~10-15% of the US population is fully literate you're always pretty safe assuming you're dealing with a dumbsh1t until proven otherwise or unless there are very clear indications that you aren't from the start. I particularly ::cough:: enjoy the one's who send their little "About me" through email, and then tell the recipient to view their profile to see if he/she would have any interests in them. Either don't respond or show some courtesy and just write "thanks for the message, but I'm not interested." Is that so difficult?Evidently women find it difficult to say they are not interested, or at the very least delete the message right away to give you a strong hint. I need to get something out of the car..right back....vroom vroom... Your heart will have to decide between seven different dads, like Mat, Craig, Hugo, Brian, Damien, or Joseph.Customize your DILF, play through mini- and mirco-games along the way, and explore the multitude of endings with every smokin' daddy. How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus? To make the journey even sweeter, the game will be voiced by the comedic game critics of Game Grumps and their friends.

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