Nod32 not updating from mirror

To delete servers from a commercial mode in trial and back.

Starts the appropriate external program after updating any mirror.

It helps save bandwidth by centralizing the download and distribution of updates to ESET clients, and also allows you to provide updates to ESET clients which are not directly connected to the internet.

Auth scheme found 'Basic' Auth param list ' realm="NOD32 Engine Updates"' Auth param realm=NOD32 Engine Updates Authentication selected: Basic realm="NOD32 Engine Updates" Inserted 'com' into basic_authed_hosts Reusing existing connection to com:80.

---request begin--- GET /v3-rel-sta/mod_000_loader_1102/em000_64_l0HTTP/1.1 Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate Pragma: no-cache If-Modified-Since: Thu, GMT User-Agent: ESS Update (Windows; U; 32bit; VDB 14108; BPC 6.0.508.0; OS: 5.1.2600 SP 3.0 NT; CH 1.1; LNG 1049; x32c; APP eavbe; BEO 1; ASP 0.10; FW 0.0; PX 0; PUA 0; RA 0) Accept: */* Accept-Encoding: identity Host: com Connection: Keep-Alive Authorization: Basic RUFWLTAx Nj Ax Nj Iy NTM6b Thqd HU0ODZl Yw== ---request end--- HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

It actually solves all the problems with updating database of popular antivirus and thus, without breaking makes them free!

In auto mode, hourly checks and updates mirror with a bust passwords and disposal of obsolete (runs in systray).

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