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On a spiritual level, empaths serve a purpose to help others heal.We can feel the pain in others, and find it difficult to turn away from someone who needs healing or guidance.This can make love easy, but it can also make love a danger zone if our compassion makes us ignore or minimize negative qualities in a partner that should be red flags not to be ignored. Have you had a string of relationships with people who seem to need some healing or “fixing”?They might seem like they are empaths in hiding, who haven’t realized they are empaths. If you have a tendency to attract partners who haven’t done their own healing work to deal with issues like addiction, abuse, or trauma, you might want to take a look at this pattern. (Your homework is to find out how to pronounce "Thelema" correctly). Universal Gnostic Church The wiki page for the church. The Order of Thelemic Knights Both a Gnostic and Thelemic organization. You may have your own history with the same issues.

We aim to make this the largest dating site of pagans on the net. The Temple of Set The official webpage for the left-hand-path organization. The Libri of Aleister Crowley Texts and writings, many in PDF form, by Crowley. John Dee's "Five Books of Mystery" and "The art of drawing spirits into crystals." 8. So join us and together start on a path to finding love, friendship and happiness.Already, in our lists of members in the US we have people from all walks of life and of many Pagan faiths. Step forward and become one with the Pagan partners community. Blessed Be T xxx Have you forgotten your username or password?

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