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As with all service agreements, it’s important to read carefully before signing a contract or making a payment.Read and follow the tips to ensure a positive experience.Unfair Practices - the Consumer Protection Act (pdf) The applies to most people who rent the place where they live.This law sets out the rights and responsibilities that apply to landlords.Although educational and entertaining, it can also expose users to scams and other fraudulent activities.This publication outlines how to keep you and your online activities out of harm’s way.

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If a contract is signed, negotiated or concluded away from the seller’s usual place of business, it is considered a direct sale.Mortgage Fraud (pdf) Protect yourself from being an unwilling participant in mortgage fraud! If you are going to invest in real estate, make sure you are using a licensed mortgage broker who is registered under the in Alberta.Bill Collection and Debt Repayment (pdf) Collection agencies collect unpaid debts or locate debtors for others.Hiring a qualified home inspector to examine a home can help you to make an informed decision about its condition.Some homeowners also have their place inspected so they can get any defects fixed under their new home warranty before it runs out.

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