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An example of such a mistake would be a piece of clothing that would not have been invented at the time that the film is set in.

Another example would be accessories that were not around yet or hair and makeup that is too “in place.” In many other films, the outfits are involved in very poor continuity errors.

We found the very best of these mistakes, or is it the worst of these mistake?

Either way, some of these are downright silly as it was simply a lack of attention in that moment, while others are huge glaring mistakes in costumes.

Orlando Bloom’s pink parasol in Troy is more than just funny; it’s historically inaccurate.

The outfits need to match the spirit of the movie, fit the characters’ personality and nature, co-exist with the storyline and the times they are set in, and also physically and spiritually make the movie look more authentic and real.

Sometimes, whether on purpose or not, films make some serious mistakes when it comes to the actor’s apparel.

Some sunglasses were too advanced, a woman’s dress would not have been appropriate at the time the film was set in, or a hair style which would not have been done at the time; there are endless mistakes that have to do with hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

It makes us wonder why the director didn’t see the issue as it was right in front of his or her face, but then again, it wasn’t so obvious to us either.

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