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If you ever find yourself in the online dating pool, you are far better off presenting yourself as you really are and meeting someone who is excited about meeting the authentic you.

(We are a real estate brokerage, a property management firm, and now we dole out dating advice on the side.

We do a little bit of everything here at Worth Clark Realty.) As a home seller, you’re also better off presenting your home as it exists in reality, and meeting buyers who are genuinely excited about the opportunity to be the next owner.

A potential buyer with unrealistic expectations due to excessively photoshopped or filtered photos will likely never get over the instant feeling of disappointment they experience when they first see the “real” version of your home. You can take great photos by sticking to the basics: Fortunately, when you work with Worth Clark Realty, you do not have to engage in false advertising to get the best price for your property.

Taking good photos of your home is critically important.

That same sort of false awesomeness and lack of authenticity is becoming more prevalent in the photos agents are using to sell homes.

If you’re selling your own home, you can download our guide that will help you get the best price possible.

And if you’re using one of our agents, he or she will make sure the best version of your home is being marketed, without using techniques that inevitably lead to disappointed buyers.

And then along came online dating to blow that idea away.

Suddenly there was a different way to find a partner, one that promised practically infinite possibilities, where an algorithm could find you the “right” person without you needing to do the hard work of ever actually talking to them in person.

And if you don’t like what you see, you can always click on to the next profile – there is always another candidate just around the corner!

The photos should be the best representation of the real-life home you are selling. Fortunately, I met my beautiful wife when were both young, before online dating was really a thing.

In other words, excessively filtering or editing your photos to the point where the property in the pictures no longer resembles the property as it exists in reality is a mistake. However, I have known both men and women who’ve had to suffer the perils of online dating and the frequent instances of false advertising that go with that territory.

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