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The instructor will be teaching from Quick Books version 2014. Students may bring their own laptops loaded with Quick Books if they choose to. February 26, 27, 28 @ 7 pm Tickets – Ten people are stranded in an isolated English country house during a raging thunderstorm.

(IMPORTANT: If you are using an older Quick Books version please notify us so the instructor can make learning adjustments for the differences.) Instructor: Kay Monroe Minimum Students: 8 Maximum Students: 15 Start Date: February 7, 2018 End Date: February 28, 2018 Repeat: Weekly Wednesday: PM to PM Location: Rm 131 Washburn Building, 800 Annual animal clinic will be on Saturday, Feb 24, from 10am to noon at the new City Yard. One by one they’re picked off by cleverly fiendish devices.

In Mexico, there’s the massive 7.1 earthquake – the strongest in three decades – that’s collapsed hundreds of buildings, including a school filled with children, resulting in a death toll that’s already over 200 and climbing.Not Immune or Exempt For now, at least let the headlines of the day drive home the reality that Your Cause – no matter how well-intentioned, good, and even substantial it may be – is not immune or exempt to disruption and even destruction. To quote a proverb dating back at least to the 16 century: “Forewarned is forearmed.” And get started today, before tomorrow’s headline hits.Please share this post with others you know that might find value in it for their Cause.but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! Two Truths His words contain two truths to illumine our thinking – (1) That we will indeed experience difficulties, and (2) That He will indeed be with us and guide us through them as we recognize our need and seek His wisdom and help.These truths can give us courage to look for the best, but also to recognize the possibility that circumstances and events may not go the way we desire and to prepare accordingly. Studies have found: If you’re realizing your need to do more to prepare Your Cause for the unexpected, the Disaster Recovery Guide ( is a basic website that may help you get started.

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