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With Control Center 8 you can take a live snapshot from your camera at any time and save unlimited photos.

Snap and post content you wish to use to communicate with your team members, reducing lag time between discovering and fixing a problem, capturing a recently completed milestone or determining safety risks.

Aconex now delivers Earth Cam's innovative construction camera content to its central platform for a streamlined project management process.

Earth Cam Air combines Earth Cam’s powerful construction camera solutions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) geospatial imagery services for an insightful documentation process.

Earth Cam's latest software release features an improved photography interface and mobile app for 360° virtual reality (VR) jobsite tours.

Use the free app to create interactive VR photographs at significant cost savings to current methods.

Transmit data-rich content instantly using Earth Cam's geo-tagging mapping technology and share important visual updates in a fast, cost-effective way.

Create a more intelligent jobsite using this efficient imaging technology.

Click here to see the 18.8 gigapixel Chase Center Panorama Markup tools include image filters, where brightness and contrast can be adjusted to see additional project detail on cloudy days and even at night.Capture detailed images of interior build-outs with ease and quickly share in a cost-effective way.Our VR Site Tour app allows users to wirelessly connect to a growing line of inexpensive 360° VR cameras from their mobile devices and instantly start sharing “street view” images, which are geo-tagged to site plans for a comprehensive view of progress.Earth Cam provides the most robust construction photo management software available, including a secure back end to upload images as well as an easy-to-use front end solution to view and manage your visual information.The simple, searchable library of images can be categorized by date, time, staff, trade, location on the jobsite and keyword tags.

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