Publishing review and updating

Review Board doesn’t enforce that the people listed must review the change before it can be submitted.This is a policy that is left up to each organization. It can support paragraphs of text with word-wrapping.Screenshots or other images can be added to a review request.These can be helpful in seeing how the change affects the presentation of a program, or they can be used for reviewing mockups.

Then make any needed changes based on their feedback. At the same time that you are adding new content, you will be updating old content.Once you have checked your site for usability and compliance with your original goals, you are ready to post it to the Web and invite the world to visit. Try to accomplish this feat without resorting to "under construction" signs.Keeping your site current will best be accomplished if you establish a plan and procedures.Typically, you will find that users encounter problems navigating that you did not anticipate. You should fix any problems you encounter before you post the site to the Web.Beyond testing your links, graphics, and text, you should test your final site on different browsers.

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