Publix policy on dating coworkers

They genuinely cared about their employees and treated them as friends, not just pets that they could talk down to.All of the associates were friendly and gave off a laid-back, happy vibe. I mean, I even enjoyed going to work on Mondays and that's saying something.I was in the middle of filing a formal complaint right before they fired me...coincidence? I learned to select at a high rate of speed while being safe, I also learned to drive a fork was always available to help with any questions. I had aspirations of advancing to a regional supervisor position, but despite stellar reviews, I was regularly passed over for promotions and raises never equaled the amount of effort I put forward.My supervisor, who was excellent at his job and really cared about his pharmacists, stepped down and was replaced by someone 26 years old and a pharmacist for less than 3 years.

I will take responsibility for that, but I learned my lesson.With bad management comes bad employee mindset and it feels as if my coworkers and I have lost all hope amd happiness, even as silly as that sounds.The managers and FEC's stalk around, squinting their eyes and watching every single move you make.I should have learned to say "no" and let them fire me for insubordination.They fired me after returning from vacation, and then expected me to reimburse them for the vacation since I didn't work the full year.

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