Room in exchange for sex

While there, she was introduced to Canadian executive Michael Gelmon, who suggested she should meet his cousin, Daryl Katz.

According to a handwritten statement filed with the lawsuit, said she was invited to Katz’s hotel suite at the Four Seasons with the promise that he could help her career.

Cipriani portrays himself as a longtime reliable source for the New York Post.

In the suit, he accuses Bunting of damaging his relationship with a New York Post editor by accusing Cipriani of extortion, which Cipriani denies. “A media consultant can’t go around accusing people of crimes just to kill a story,” Cipriani’s attorney, Peter Gleason, told , adding that publications have become increasingly gunshy in the wake of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, which bankrupted Gawker. The story begins in November 2015, when Santo was flown to Hawaii to participate in a photo shoot for Viva Glam magazine.

Katz’s attorneys have accused Cipriani and Santo of attempting to extort million from Katz as the price for keeping quiet.“To the extent we see each other I would prefer to give you money,” he wrote.“Whatever you decide to do with it is your choice.” Santo agreed to another meeting with Katz at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.“But he is very picky and she does not meet his standards.He prefers u.” She also got text messages from Katz, who introduced himself as her “Fairy Godfather.” The subject turned to money, and she suggested he make a charitable donation.

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