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O`DONNELL: Yes -- TODD: Many people are going to read tea leaves about that and say what`s going on there?

Is there something -- you know, is this a Roger Ailes thing?

That opening question about do you pledge to basically stay in the Republican -- O`DONNELL: It was one of -- TODD: Party at that -- O`DONNELL: Those raise-the-hands question, most efficient way of doing it -- TODD: It is -- O`DONNELL: Bret Baier says, I want anyone -- TODD: Yes -- O`DONNELL: On the stage to raise your hand if you will not pledge to support the Republican nominee -- TODD: Yes -- O`DONNELL: And the one hand -- TODD: Yes -- O`DONNELL: In the middle goes up -- TODD: He had no problem being that, but you can`t help but wonder particularly when the first two questions Trump got, and you know, you never know what will spark Trump at post debate.

But the first two questions put him incredibly on the defensive.

Then he would just do what he`s done so often in the past and just change his mind without a backward glance.

Instead, he did the kind of ballsier thing which was in this, you know, very conservative auditorium where he was booed.

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O`DONNELL: And Jonathan Walter, Msnbc political analyst, columnist for "Daily Beast".

If you look at the -- as if he sees spending now, it`s all just flying the plane.

That`s all he does with his -- with his campaign money.

I think it`s going to be me, but my anticipation is I`ll support whoever gets nominated.

And then, a year from now, he would say circumstances have changed, I`m going to run anyway.

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