Scams with online dating

Location: Christian Village George does not appear to have any profiles on dating sites at the moment, although he’s on Facebook.He therefore relies on introductions to his victims and his friend Frank List often does this for him.Surprisingly, people happily accept this and justify it by saying he has to keep them as friends to protect himself from them!Frank continues to introduce George to people even after he has scammed the last one.The receipt is obviously fake, yet perhaps if you do not live in Ghana you would not know.Ever wondered why Franks profile is luckkelvin2007?Although not particularly good looking his charm is that he comes across as softly spoken, modest, kind and with a sweet smile. After sex, you will find yourself meeting the police and some thugs and possibly Godwin Agomavi’s family members.

The agent was apparently called Richard Buju, email [email protected], phone: 0205 64 63 91.

We know for a fact that George Kosivi/Morris is one of the scammers he continues to introduce to people who trust Frank with their security.

Frank is expert at appearing innocent of what it going on.

Impostor fraud is among the fastest-growing scam types precisely because so many of us think we are immune to it.

To help, here is a small sampling of actual impostor scams now playing out across America. Never accept a pitch or give any information to a stranger — on the phone, in person or over the internet — without first independently verifying that it’s legitimate.

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